Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Humanity In Flames!

It no longer conjures up visions of a long relaxing
images of charred remains, mangled flesh and burning cries
flash on the screen of my thoughts
just as they appeared before several others
as they watched  a funeral in a flaming bus
caused by a deadly  potion – a cruel concoction
of politics and violence,
of morals let loose to feast on the carcass of society.
Hands, wet with the petrol of corruption,
hearts, hollow, doused in the spirit of evil fervour,
eyes, wicked in their brutality as they watch life set
an evergrowing , infectious disease infested
upon the soul of humanity.
Today, as I remember it all,
my eyes turn moist with the smoke which engulfed the bus
of existence on that fateful day,
my tears, useless,
incapable of destroying the sickening stench
of metal and flesh,
of inhumanity and creation.

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