Friday, November 26, 2010

Terror Not Again! Never!

The Taj terror has terrorised trust
drowning our spirits once again
in the flaming fires of horror, hatred and hurt.
Patting our Indian spirit we shall carry on
but, for how long?
With a nation’s crown in flames
a terrorised country sheds acid tears
that scalds every heart, mind and soul,
burning and hurting much more
than the bombs and bullets
that shower on innocent and hapless souls.

Where do we go from here?
After losing our near and dear?
The blaming game has already begun.
That’s half the fun
for those whose conscience has melted
in cruel, insensitive acts of terror.
Poisonous buds of blooming beasts
are now plaguing our plains.
It is now commonplace to lose someone
in a nasty act of violence
and pray for the spirit to carry on.

Carry on! Where? For how long?
Like dumb dolls
Donning on dunce caps of nonchalance
are we going to push this aside once again
and wait for another act of terror to unsettle us?
The politicians play petty games
to gain brainless votes
and we permit them to do it again and again.
The culprits could be Pakistan, the politicians or the public.
But, there is no point in carrying on.
What we need is a revolution in full form.

Even as we salute all those who valiantly defended us
We need a change.
Even as political heads roll off impotent shoulders
We need a fast flaming transformation.
We need accountability and responsibility.
We need peace for God’s sake!
No terror again. Not again.


rumi said...

gr8 work shail.posting this on fb.hope u dont mind.

sonal said...

You know Shail, I was watching Newshour debate (Times Now)today at night and was shocked to see the reactions and denials of guests from Pak on show, so called distinguished people.
My blood boils and I really feel sad at the Indian system too at allowing Kasab to make a mockery of our judicial system despite there being clear evidence against him.
One feels helpless and sad at such state of affairs. As if these things were not enough to rub salt on the wounds of the deceased, esp. the police men who laid their lives in the combat, that Adarsh society scam had to surface!
Every HUMAN BEING is angry, sad and feels insecure.The monsters promoting and indulging in terrorism know only one language and that is shedding blood. They have no religion, they are not humans. I am really agitated and so are other human beings who have been witness to 26/11 and the tragedy it unfolded.

The Kids :) said...

I'm eleven and I don't know much about what's going on in your area, but beautiful poem and I'm sorry you are going through all this. :(


D.Dasgupta said...

Dear Shail:

Is there a solution? Personally, I am almost convinced that the most potent instrument for mass conservation is a four letter word called LOVE. However hard this may be, never hate someone who hates you. Try and love. Try and understand a problem from the point of view of the "DEVIL". That alone can win him over. Not overnight. I am afraid it can take hell of a lot of time. In the meantime, humanity will suffer.

I recall a story about a conversation that took place between a German prisoner of war and a soldier belonging to the Allied forces.

The German asked the soldier: Do you have Concentration Camps too?

The soldier replied: We have a far more powerful weapon.

The German trembled and asked: What is it?

The soldier came closer and whispered into the prisoner's ear: LOVE.

Perhaps such a conversation never took place. It could be imaginary. But it is the language people should learn to speak if they wish the world to survive.

Best wishes.


irnewshari said...

Excellent one.

Jingle Poetry said...

hope you well.
prayers for those who suffered from such violence...

beautifully presented message. well done.

Shail Raghuvanshi said...

I'm eleven and I don't know much about what's going on in your area, but beautiful poem and I'm sorry you are going through all this. :(