Thursday, April 8, 2010

United We Stand, Divided We...

If division could bring unity
Then, ‘Hail Separatism!’
If breaking up a region could solve problems
Then, ‘Chalo Aur Break Karein!’

Today, it is Telangana.
Tomorrow, it will be something else.
Does division promise development?
Does a divided state guarantee improvement?
Demand for justice is one thing.
Tearing a place apart for selfish satiation is another.
A pity that a state has to be shredded for political gain.

Bringing its inhabitants strife and pain.

How many more states
Will India divide into
Before it is united as one?
How many more regions
Will people diversify into
Before they learn to live as one?


Smita Luthra said...

Very thought provoking. It brings out a hard bitter truth. Sadly we seem to be building more walls than bridges as we set out to become a super power.

Shailraghuvanshi said...

Thanks Smita. I needed someone living in the place to express their opinion. God only knows where we are heading.