Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Team Effort

We were an enthusiastic team once

as we competed to raise a healthy child

he, with his professional tact and hidden affection,

me, with my maternal warmth and instinctive wisdom

we struggled happily

moulding clay we held daintily in our hands everyday.

Initial euphoria of influencing thought

slowly ceased as we were taught to falter and learn

growing up together with our mound of clay.

Now, we sit together to mourn failed expectations

as our child, our hope,

longs for a home away from home,

from our home

preferring the world of the west

to our quiet and cozy nest.

Where had we gone wrong we wonder!

We search frantically for errors in the files of our past

forgetting that the die up there had already been cast!

Battling with memories of by gone days,

we wage little wars with tattered desires.

We silently observe other teams as they mould their dreams

wondering whether their mound of clay

will stay or go away

like the large space in our little home-

an emptiness that keeps growing with every moment

clawing at our heart, tearing our emotions apart.

We cling onto hope. We still want to be a team!


sonal said...

Beautiful expression of the thought process of parents facing an empty nest syndrome. It'd be interesting to place this poem vis-a-vis your article"To Breed or Not to Breed"


Shail Raghuvanshi said...

Thanks Sonal. Did not know you visited here too. Not many are fond of poetry although I tend to write easy to understand verse.

Will keep updating this blog too now that I know you read poetry.

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