Monday, January 31, 2011

Safe? Ha! Ha!

All my life,
safety pins have held me,
my emotions,
my reflections

From whom?
From what?
All my life,
indescribable queries
have plagued my soul.

All the times,
I thought I was protected
I presumed I was in control
the safety pin came off
hanging on a tether.

Are we ever?
From those pervading thoughts
of callous insecurity,
searching seriously for that key to lock me safely in
when the safety net is all within!


Altonian (Leigh) said...

We can never be safe from our own innermost doubts and fears. We just have to rely upon the 'safety pin of fate' to stay fastened in our favour. A 'thinking poem', and a very good one too. Thanks for passing by my own nonsense.

Shailraghuvanshi said...

Thanks Leigh. Nice you liked my poem. And you are right. We can never be safe from our own thoughts - fears etc.

J S Broca said...

Dear Shail ji,a briliiant muse on safety.As a retired banker,when I talk of a safety net,I mean a guarantee, as of professional, physical, or financial security (example:the safety net of a pension plan in my case).In the ordinary sense,it means a large net for catching one that falls or jumps, as from a circus trapeze ! If life is a circus and we are all the trapeze artists,then we should use a safety net. In the economic sense,safety nets redistribute income to the poorest and most vulnerable, with an immediate impact on poverty and inequality.They enable all households to make productive investments in their future that they may otherwise miss, e.g. education, health, income generating opportunities.They also help households manage risk,at least offsetting harmful coping strategies and at most providing an insurance function which improves livelihood options.You can apply this to life situations as well.Better safe than sorry,is a common proverb.One more that I remember from school days is:Know safety, no injury. No safety, know injury. And that : Safety is as simple as ABC - Always Be Careful. If I remember my Shakespeare correctly,he too has said that :" Security is the chief enemy of mortals". So take it or leave it.You decide ! Regards.

Bhargavi said...

Ha ha..with a safety well you had described about our safety net which is within...sometimes we realise only when situation arises, isn't it..but sad part is...some don't realise it at all..and take extreme measures.

Nice thoughts Shail!

A.Hari said...

Starting from just safety pin, you have excellently covered the most important concern faced by us. An U.N. expert told in a TV interview today that it is baffling to understand how many highly educated youth are turning to terrorism in a big way. We need to 'engage' the youth and show them the right direction, easy to say.....?