Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gone Wild....
Has the world gone wild?
I wonder.
The wild west
an enchanting obsession
long long ago...
today, playing wild,
letting senses run haywire
is normal order of the day.

Wild animals,
their beauty, their mannerisms
a charming conception of natural nature.
Man, an unique clever mimic,
owner of the the sixth sense
permits passionate wild wilderness
to seep into his muddled mind
destroying all in his path.

I love the wild, the wilderness
as nature is just being itself.
I love the wild streak
in people
who know what it means to be human.
Wild is fine when it adds that dash of charm
to a persona precious, with pure perspective
who knows how to tame wild wishful vision....

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1 comment:

Mrsupole said...

I love all the wildness of this poem and also wild animals.  Funny how we think that dogs are tame but when left on their own they turn into wild dogs.  And a cat always seems to retain a sense of the wild about them.  Are we really tame or is our wild streak what really controls us?  Where would we be without our wild side?  Is that why we say that children are just acting wild when they misbehave?  I think you are totally correct in that we do have a wild side just kept in check by society.

Happy Theme Thursday.  Thanks for sharing such a wild poem.  I had a wild time.

God bless.