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I Identify With You Child

I am yet to talk to you my child
I am yet to ask you how you feel
Inside the mortal shell of impermanence
Your papa says he has already felt your rhythms,
The heart beats of the soul that is YOU,
In his meditation
What does it mean, child?
Are my maternal instincts not pure and strong
In the true sense of the word?
Can I not sense you, your soul, as it lies
Waiting to emerge into a world as strange
And draining like the fleshy interiors of
Your mother’s womb?

I feel at loss to fathom your state,
Your aspirations of a previous birth
Who you were then, why you came to me now,
I am truly lost my dear, in the mire of living
A life I am yet to discover,
Are you confused and miserable too, trying
To wonder the goal of your existence?
that’s some solace,
At least we seem to identify with something!
(When you are pregnant for the first time, a plethora of thoughts plague your mind and you wonder about your state and that of your yet to be born child. Sometimes, even negative thoughts can enter your mind stealthily as this is an experience that you are going through for the very first time. Like the unsteady steps of a child you wonder what this is all about. Emotions of insecurity, joy, frustration, happiness-everything positive and negative come rushing towards you. Of course, with God’s grace, everything ends well and very soon you forget all that you felt just by looking at a part of you!)
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maglomaniac said...

Nicely written.
Feels good to see such blogs are around.
Nobody talks of the fear the negativity that walks syn qua none with childbirth.
You elucidating the same was applaudible.
I too had written something although two completely negative connotations but yes a different insight.Felt like sharing wid u.





Shail Raghuvanshi said...

Hi Harsha,

So nice of you to comment. Will definitely read your write-up and get back!