Thursday, April 8, 2010

Chacha Nehru, Who Do You Choose?

Rahul, the blue-eyed boy –
Lineage and mother’s authority is his whip.
Varun’s anti Muslim outburst –
As brazen as his father’s antics.
Both want to ride the path their great grandfather walked.
Both unaware of what it means
To be deprived, forsaken and hungry.

While one has the hand
Wide open to bless him
The lotus opens its petals
To embrace the other lad,
A name to boast for qualification
To protect them for good or for bad,
For ignorance or for awareness.

One’s mother a reigning queen in power,
The other, silent now but no small fry either.
The women have seen it all –
The power, the glory,
The gossip and the story.
Clumsy claimants to the Gandhi name
By mere marriage.

Not had their fill
They push their sons to fulfil incomplete dreams
That left them widowed.
The public wants a fresh face,
Not some ageing bahus from the Nehru household.
So, we get to listen to the tirade
Of the latest in cross-breed culture –
Varun and Rahul truly represent the Indian democratic culture!

What say you?

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