Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Daughter's Father

They brought you home,

a little bundle.
Restlessly I fumbled
wanting to hold you,
to softly touch my hope, my dreams
but you were so tiny and tender
What if I hurt you?
So, I let you be,
I let you grow
watching you intently.
As you clung onto dear life –
Your mother
Your lifeline
while I watched behind the lines.

How I envied your mother then!
Moments passed so slowly then
Making me think that you would
never recognize me,
Your father!
When one fine day, tired and exhausted
I lay down loosening my tie beside you.
Something in what I did (I still wonder what)
suddenly made you treat me
with that dimpled smile of yours
that I fell headlong for.
No other person had ever charmed me so.

My little girl
As I watched you twirl
Years passed us swiftly by.
It was time for you to go away.
I suppose we had to call it a day.
You smile for someone else today.
But hey! I know!
There was a time
You flashed that first innocent smile
Only for me.
Then, there was just the two of us.
You and Me!


Morning said...

how sweet your words are, well penned.


Keithdhillman said...

As a father of two grown up daughters I can tell you got it spot on! A lovely piece and a joy to read.

Kaysalady said...

This poem made me think of the song, You and Me Against the World.  This is so very lovely.  Thank you!

sajeevkmenon said...

Wonderful, sweet, bliss of innocence:)

The Cello Strings said...

perfect and unconditional, well done.

Shailraghuvanshi said...

Thank you Morning. Glad you liked the poem....:)

Shailraghuvanshi said...

Hi Keith. Nice that you could identify with the poem above. And glad you enjoyed reading it too.

Shailraghuvanshi said...

Thanks Kaysalady. So very nice that the poem reminded you of the song....
Nice Day.

Shailraghuvanshi said...

Thanks Sajeev. Good you liked the poem..... Yes, bliss of innocence indeed. How rightly put.

Shailraghuvanshi said...

Hi Cello Strings. So sweet of you....Thanks.

AnnLeFlore said...

amazing and the love expressed here is so heart felt and warm

Knot2share said...

Oh so beautiful Shail! Loved it.

Shailraghuvanshi said...

Thanks Ann. Glad you loved the emotion expressed.

Shailraghuvanshi said...

Thanks dear Shree. So good to see you here and glad to know you loved the poem.

S.V.Divvaakar said...

Very touching, it actually always happens like that, no! when the infant recognises the other form beyond its mother...