Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Election Time: Brain or Brawn

It’s election time
For a dollar, rupee or a dime.
Who is going to win
The one who has committed most sin?

Is it the lathiwallah going to rule
As stupidly over-awed public drools.
It could be the blue blood that casts its spell
While intelligent independents watch their death knell.

Maybe, it’s the contriving cunning brains that beats
While the idealists just warm their seats.
Or, are we going to use our brains
To prevent the public power drain.

There is hype this time of the power of the young
The youth wants a choice, not old songs sung.
They want a change they say
Seen as many jump into the election fray.

For many it is an inheritance
Making it easy for daughters and sons.
What about the common lot
Who want to have their say but cannot?

It is going to be a clash of brain and brawn
With no lakshman rekhas drawn?
The same parties, the same candidates
Will the result only make us curse our country’s fate?

It’s hard not to be cynical
It’s just the storm before the lull.
Too much noise, false promises made
Very few to call a spade a spade.

Let’s hope for the best this time.
For a dollar, a rupee or a dime.
Let’s hope the election changes some lives
With truth winning without the knives!

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