Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Faith: Live and Let Live

If bringing down a steeple tower
Or hurling stones at the cross
Could re-charge batteries of faith,
Pray tell me which kind of inhumane world are we residing in?

If destroying a holy nun’s virginity
Or strangulating a community’s breath of air
Is the only display of a faith’s humanity
Would you call it hate or insanity?

If a person is identified only with his faith
If he is good or bad only due to its presence or absence
If faith compels you to burn, hate and murder,
Do you really think you possess any belief?

Hurt and hatred is no religion.
Distrust and disdain are but tools of evil men
To divide a poor, insecure and deprived lot.
All faiths are after all on the face of the earth, just a tiny dot.

No peace was ever acquired by demolishing any monument
No faith conversion ever achieved by compulsion
Your faith is your belief, your choice of life
Live yours and let others live theirs!

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