Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Monkeying Moral Brigade

Only men go to pubs –
The world after all is a male dominated hub.
Men can dance, frolic and make a pass.
Life is after all one great farce!

Women, cover yourself from head to toe.
Who wants to get into an insulting row?
Ladies, sit at home, don’t venture around.
Be wary of the saffron hounds.

Men have the right to rule,
To arrogantly run a moral school.
They can slap, they can grope
As women suffer waiting for ‘hope.’

Society needs to reform; it is a fact.
But, that needs no monkeying pact.
Change comes from within
Not from self-proclaimed moralists screaming, “Sin! Sin!”

Laws of equality vary everywhere.
Male or female, the rules must be fair.
‘Saving women,’ ‘protecting morality’ is no cause.
An aimless venture at inventing a dramatically useless pause.

A real pity – the innocent head for cover as they fall
While the ruthless men stand shamelessly tall.
Unethical politicians defend the culprits, the lowly
And this is what they call moralistic and holy?!

What if a male where to fall to a woman’s spite
Wouldn’t he get up and expect to fight?
So, women, strip the monkeys of their vain hypocritical nature.
Make them realize they have no God punishing stature.

Mad monkeys and insane hounds cannot run scot-free.
It is nature’s very own defining decree.
Sri Ram’s Sena helped Him achieve His goal ages ago.
Today’s Sena’s is only a disgustingly dangerous dough. 

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