Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Knocking on the Door of My Mind

My dreams

conjure up images
latent desires
in my subconscious mind
as they tussle
with one another
to transform
into a probable reality.


My visions                                                                    
for the future
to the unconnected visuals
that hastily appear
and craftily disappear
before the unclear screen
of my unsettling mind.


My reveries                                                                 
play games
showing me places
I cannot go,
persons I cannot meet,
goals I cannot reach.
They revel
in their power
to twist, twirl and turn me around.


Poetry Potluck: Dreams, Visions, Reveries


Anonymous said...

lovely writing! mine's here- http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/01/15/head/

Jingle said...

thoughtful writing, my dear poetess.
well done,


Jingle said...

Award/Treats 4 Poetic Friends of Jingle, Happy Thursday!

see you on week 14.
if you prepare on Saturday evening or Sunday morning, link it up as soon as we are open, you may get better feedback!

best wishes!

irnewshari said...

Hi Shail,

I like this one, especially ur words on My visions.


Shail Raghuvanshi said...

Thanks Five Loaf.

Shail Raghuvanshi said...

Ah ha! Thanks Jingle. The appreciation is appreciated!!

Shail Raghuvanshi said...

Hi Hari,

Thanks. I feel good that you enjoyed reading the lines in the poem. Hoping to keep you engaged in the future too.

Shail Raghuvanshi said...

Jingle, by the way, I liked your line, 'my dear poetess..'