Sunday, January 9, 2011

Destined to Be...

to be a poet,
dreaming daffodils
with words whistling
wishful hope
in the wind of

to be a woman
wrapping weary emotions
with the soft garment
of love, joy and contentment
wondering, wishing, wandering....

to be a child
of an all loving,
all embracing Lord
praying for His Grace
for today, for eternity....


Drgoyalmadan54 said...

Child, woman and poet are ourselves, different thoughts making us accordingly.
Well said.

Anthony North said...

All aspects covered there. Beautiful.

Thelaughinghousewife said...

Three lovely poems.

the soft garment
of love, - wonderful image

Shailraghuvanshi said...

Hi Laughing Housewife.

I am glad you enjoyed reading this piece of verse.


Shailraghuvanshi said...

Hi Anthony.

Thanks. Glad you like the poem.

Shailraghuvanshi said...

Hi Madan,

Yes, very true. We identify with all that we are in our lives...

Varalotti Rengasamy said...

And destined we are to be the readers such a wonderful verse!
Destined we are to share the soft words of a strong poet
Destined we are to see the images and love the words
And destined we are to be friends of the great poet Shail!

Shailraghuvanshi said...

Dear Sridhar,

So, the novelist ventures into the poetry domain of a small time poet eh?

Thanks for dropping by. I am glad you liked this piece of verse.