Sunday, May 8, 2011

Memories of Mother

Mother, sweet mother of mine.
It is you who have always made me feel fine.

When I lay sick in bed
It was because of you that I was fed.
When I was hurt, lonely and sad,
Then, it was your presence that made me feel less bad.
With my first crush,
my first love,
my first heartache,
It was your support that helped me decide
which path to take.
Homework, Project or Job jeopardy.
That practical logic of yours
gained me insight and victory.

I grabbed all that you gave -
Those hugs, reprimands and smiles
that made me brave.
Mother, I may have been inconsiderate then
Because I was still in your little pen.
Now that I am alone,
My only solace is your voice on the phone!
I nostalgically recollect
All the memories I thought I'd forget.
I know not why you did what you did.
Now, I know because today I am a mother
Then, I was a kid!

Mother, sweet mother of mine.
It IS really you and WILL be you
who has always made me feel fine.


Lozster said...

Beautiful Shail. I hope your Mum reads it.

Shailraghuvanshi said...

Thanks Lozster. Nice you liked the poem.

My mum did read the poem when she was alive. She passed away some years back...

Shailraghuvanshi said...

Why not Josie. But since this is a poetry blog I hope you wouldn't mind my letters in the verse format...

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