Sunday, April 22, 2012

That Fledgling of a Grassy Heart!

April is supposed to be the month of poetry. And, I missed it almost. Just a few days before NaPoWriMo winds up for the month. Should that stop a poet from writing? Nah! So, here goes.
Day 22: In Honor of Earth Day.

That fledgling of a grass
grew where it flowered best -
in fields,
in places people had not much use of,
it flowed like a stream
with a mind of its own,
yet, cushioned a seat
for all that thought it
it softened gravel
where a slip and fall could hurt,
it carried on giving
expecting nothing
while creatures stamped, crushed,
destroyed its existence.

How much are we like the large hearted grass
that gives, grows and glows?


Andy Sewina said...

Nicely done! Welcome to NaPoWriMo!!!

Shail Raghuvanshi said...

Thanks Andy. I hope to be a regular:)