Monday, April 22, 2013

The Hugging Saint

The hugging saint
hugged me again....
amidst the scorching heat 
and sweltering crowd
she had a few moments
to give me
that loving jaddoo ki jhappi.*

Overwhelmed again I was
by her warm humility,
by her showering sharing demeanor
happily giving away
the divine strength
she receives for herself
to ordinary commoners like me.

Walking away 
from that epitome of purity,
I carried within me
emotions of peace,
tears of gratitude
for what I knew not
yet, I was aware that she did....

Thank you Amma!

*Jaddoo ki Jhappi means magical hug.
Also do read Amma I know you are there

1 comment:

Nuggehalipankaja said...

the poet seems to be a spiritual person.