Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh! Omen

the hoot of the owl
echoing in my ears
warning me of waning time.

the slithering snake
beckons me to stay away
from venturing on my own.

the grumpy lady next door
with a smirk on her lips
curses me in her mind.

the hoot, the slithering, the smirk -
all eerie fears,
feasting on my vulnerable mind

sending out omens
I never knew existed,
enslaving me forever in forged tentacles of time!


sandra said...

interesting words

zongrik said...

i like how you lead to this ->  the hoot, the slithering, the smirk -

Sharp Little Pencil said...

This was the most unusual take on "Omen" I've encountered so far.  Had a Poe quality to it - although owls cannot hoot, "Nevermore!"  You showed vulnerability in this, Shail, and it really worked.  Amy

Billy said...

You built up the tense mood really well here, showing how omen and paranoia overlap. Nice